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This is the last day of the Black and White Challenge, again in downtown Chicago.  I’ve enjoyed the challenge and I hope you have, too.


Finally, I nominate Allan G. Smorra, blogging at Ohm Sweet Ohm.  Allan used to work on the Golden Gate Bridge and has many astounding photos from his time there as well as many non-bridge-related shots.

For Day 4 of the Black and White Challenge, I offer you a sunlit piece of grass seen on one of my walks.  This type grass is legal in all 50 states, even though seeing the sun shine through it might make you high with pleasure.  🙂


Today’s invitee is Lucile.  Lucile, I hope you’ll join the 5-Day Black and White Challenge.

I rarely combine challenges, but this photo, taken in downtown Chicago last summer, seemed to work well for both Day 3 of the Black and White Challenge and for the 4th Monday of the month Phoneography Challenge, Challenger’s Choice.  The black and white really makes the details show up and there are lots of details!


Today I’d like to invite Nicole at Third Eye Mom to participate in the 5-Day Black and White challenge.  She has the most marvelous, colorful photos from all over the world, but I know she can do a great job in B&W as well.  But you’ll find much more than photos on her blog.  I’m not going to give anything away.  Just visit.  I assure you you won’t regret it.

I love that this photo appears to be a night shot of a city.  However, it’s an enormous mural located in downtown Cleveland in the spot where, until LeBron left the city, his much-larger-even-than-life portrait was found.  Now that he’s back, who knows what’s there?


For Day 2, I’m nominating Jaap Kroon, someone who takes B&W photos full of life.  I hope he’ll participate but whether he does or not, head over to his blog and check out his photos.