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A few days ago, my morning walk was other-worldly as I walked in a literal fog. If you look in the very bottom of the river, you’ll see the shape and shadow of a lone heron surrounded by geese. The fog lent an air of Impressionism to the shot.

“Flipping” through my online photo files, I found this shot that, although I like it, both in the original and in this edit, had me a bit flummoxed as to what it was.  The next shot showed that it was a photo of the lid to a small pot, glass with a handle on top.  Obviously something happened with the light, but I like the minimalist abstraction of it and it’s a perfect oddball.

© janet m. webb 2015

Although hitting the lights green makes the trip much faster, having to stop allows a quick shot out the window now and then.  As Carole King once said, “Sometimes you win, sometimes you lose.”  In this case, I think I won.

© janet m. webb 2016

Do you take photos with a phone or iPad?  If so, you’re always welcome to participate in Sally’s weekly challenge, beginning on Monday.  Themes vary by week, but repeat monthly and you’re welcome to just look if you don’t care to join.


The orange Childcraft books we owned when I was a child (some volumes of which I still own) had several volumes of poetry.  One of my favorite poems, then and now, was Alfred Noyes’ “The Highwayman” (the poem follows the photo.)  The opening verse contains the line, “The moon was a ghostly galleon tossed upon stormy seas.”  That phrase came to mind when I saw this photo that I took from a dark room at night.  The abstract of the moon, naturally B&W, came about because my hands couldn’t hold the camera still when the shutter took so long to close.  Fortunately, I liked the way it turned out and since Cee’s allowing us to choose our own theme for her Black and White Challenge this week, I offer it for your viewing pleasure!



On the rare fifth Monday, our challenge is to play with editing a photo that fits one of the Challenger’s Choice categories from week 5.  I had fun with another food photo, this time of a layer of oil suspended atop other wet ingredients, turning it into an abstract by the use of editing.  The Picasa 3 edits I used are listed under the edited photo.



soft focus, HDR-ish,crop, sharpen, vignette, tuning boost

soft focus, HDR-ish,crop, sharpen, vignette, tuning, boost

While waiting for my husband in the theater lobby recently, I snapped a few shots of the carpeting, ginned this one up with a bit of editing, and offer it for Challenger’s Choice.  Quite simply, I love the colors and the shapes and I hope you do, too.

Have a week filled with photos and, hopefully, good weather.


The Phoneography and Non-SLR Digital Devices Photo Challenge (new title) theme for the fourth Monday of the month is “Challenger’s Choice” (with some parameters.)  This week my choices are a combination of three of the themes:  Travel, Abstract, and Night Photography.  One of them is all three, the others are Travel + Night Photography.  All were taken on the Miami-Chicago leg of our flight back from Costa Rica.

Night photography with an iThing can be difficult, at least for me.  It did get easier once someone showed me that the flash could be turned off, but it can still be a challenge.  So I was particularly happy with how these photos turned out, despite the fact that we were seeing snow again after a week in 90-degree heat.  I don’t usually post so many photos, but I thought the all worked well for the challenge and wanted to share them.

All the photos were edited on Picasa. I neglected to jot down my edits, so I apologize for that.  I hope you enjoy the photos nonetheless.

Back in the cold and snow

Back in the cold and snow

Coast of Lake Michigan with downtown Chicago at the top

Coast of Lake Michigan with downtown Chicago at the top

Chicago at night

Chicago at night

Abstract of Chicago from the sky

Abstract of Chicago from the sky

This week is a free choice week for the Phoneography Challenge entry and I chose “Abstract.”

The first photo is a photo of the Tour de France on the monitor of my laptop. We had the laptop connected to the TV for a bigger picture, when I noticed that from the angle I was viewing the laptop monitor, I was getting an unusual picture. I took a number of shots, but this is one of my favorites. No editing or anything else, just the original shot.


The next photo is of the light coming through the shower curtain in the bathroom.


My final shot is of my feet on an oriental carpets, taken using one of the things I love to play with on the iPad, the Photo Booth app.
I used the Thermal Camera for this picture.


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