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“Tell me a story.”  I wager those words have been said in many languages for thousands of years.  You probably said them to your parents when you were young.  But as you grew older, the stories you heard became very different,  many not as pleasant.

Well, rejoice!  Story time is here once again.  Each week you can join the writing group called Friday Fictioneers to read stories that span the gamut of genres and plots.  What follows is my story for the week.  After that, you may click on the cute link critter and be whisked away to The Land of Story Time.  But be careful.  Once you enter that land, you’ll never want to return.  And if you have a story of your own to tell, you’re welcome to become a citizen of The Land of Story Time.  (Beautiful picture, Rich, and Rochelle, love the new background.)


Congo Mourning
Genre: Drama

“Hi, hon.”

“Exhausted, but fine. We’re in line for security.  Can’t wait to get home.”

Quietly…”Conditions at the orphanage were horrible.  Not enough food, the place was filthy, the woman in charge was a witch.  It broke my heart to see their faces and know we could only take one.”

“Hang on. Something’s happening. Some soldiers…”

“Hey!  What are you doing?  Get your hands off my son.”

“Our papers are in order.  Look.  Stop it!…go!”

“Somebody help us.  Please. They’re taking my son!  Dominique!  Dominique!!  Let go of him, you…!!”

“Grant, call the embassy right now.  They’ve taken Dominique!”


This story is inspired by a friend and her husband who decided to add to their family by adopting a child from Congo.  Yes, his name was Dominique and no, thankfully the ending of the story didn’t happen to them.  The orphanage conditions and head woman are true to their experience and it was often problematic as to whether Dominique would ever make it to New Jersey.  Thankfully he did and is blessing them and being a blessing to them every day.

I’ve become addicted to books on CD while traveling between Cleveland and Naperville (or any other long trip.)  There’s nothing better than a good book to make the time fly and since I can’t safely read while driving, audio will have to do.  On the latest occasion, I picked up Oogy, the dog only a family could love, by Larry Levin.  It’s the story about a dog that was rescued after being used when a puppy as a bait dog  and, rather than killed by either the dog being trained to fight or the owner of the dog as usually happens, was tossed in a cage and left, barely alive.  A bait dog is exactly what it sounds like–a dog that is put as bait with a dog being trained to fight and the fighting dog is then encouraged/made to kill the bait dog.  When police raided the house some days later, Oogy, although horrifically injured, was somehow still clinging to life. (more…)