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for One Word Sunday

Even though every week the bloggers who join Norm’s challenge find all sorts of interesting doors, there are always more out there.  I’m sure there are some where you live or visit and if you find some, feel free to join the challenge. Otherwise, just have fun looking at what others have found. As in my response today, the meaning is sometimes stretched a bit, but all in good fun.

This is one of our favorite old “doors”, found at the wonderful, and free, Cleveland Museum of Art.  When the girls were young, we used to go frequently, although not for long periods of time.  They always loved the Egyptian gallery and the statues with no heads, the latter usually found in the Greek and Roman galleries.  As these were some of my favorites we well, we always enjoyed ourselves.

Although in scary movies, the top of this sarcophagus would serve as a door for the original “walking dead”,  in reality it serves a less frightening but more useful purpose of showing us a bit about the burial rites of the ancient Egyptians.

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