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Thursday is a day off for the horses, meaning they get to stay out in the pasture all Wednesday night, Thursday day, and  Thursday night.  I’m not sure if they have a union that negotiated this or not, but that’s how it is, although it can be changed to another day if circumstances, such as the Sheridan WYO Rodeo weekend, intervene.  They’re so used to the routine of being brought in, that Thursday morning often finds many of them grazing near the gate.  When no one arrives to get them, they gradually drift away to green(er) pastures.  This year, the grass on either side of the fence is green.

I don’t often go into town, even though Sheridan, Wyoming’s seventh largest city with about 17,000 people, is a great little place.  I love it at the cabin even when I’m not riding. But Thursday is the day to go and as our future son-in-law and his parents had never been there, we headed down the mountain.  After a stop to drop off garbage and recycling, coffee was next on the agenda and our stop was at a lovely shop I discovered last year, Andi’s.  Free wi-fi, a great place to relax on a very hot morning, and an iced mocha for me all hit the spot.

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