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Things are blooming here in our part of Arizona, including the Trumpetbush, more formally known as Tecoma. Tecoma comes from tecomaxochiti, the Mexican name for this plant. The these are also known as flaming bells, orange bells (not very imaginative or interesting), orange star, and other names.

We have a yellow version (Yellow Bells) in our backyard as well as an orange one. This one along the street caught my eye this morning as I neared the end of my walk because the sun on the opposite side created beautiful highlights.

Happy Friday!

We don’t get lots of falling leaves in autumn colors here but we do have some lovely orange flowers, even when upside down. 🙂 This beauty is formally known as Caesalpinia pulcherrima , a member of the pea family, and more familiarly as Pride of Barbados, Barbados Flowerfence, Peacock Flower, Mexican Bird of Paradise, Dwarf Flamboyan, Caesalpinia, and Dwarf Poinciana.

“Orange strengthens your emotional body, encouraging a general feeling of joy, well-being, and cheerfulness. Orange vibration foods are: oranges, tangerines, apricots, mangoes, peaches and carrots.”
~Tae Yun Kim, The First Element: Secrets to Maximizing Your Energy

Orange is red brought nearer to humanity by yellow. ~Wassily Kandinsky

Life in Colour: orange

On this morning, the sun seemed to take a bite out of the top of the house across the street behind us. Let’s get moving before it gets up too high.

The first thing we see in the yard of the family next door.


“A flower blossoms for its own joy.”
~Oscar Wilde

© janet m. webb

“Gardens and flowers have a way of bringing people together, drawing them from their homes.”
―~Clare Ansberry, The Women of Troy Hill: The Back-Fence Virtues of Faith and Friendship

It may not be a rose, but it’s certainly between two or more thorns!  I like the contrast between the sharp thorns and the soft flower.  Be careful if you attempt to pick this flower!!

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