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While waiting for our plane on Thursday afternoon, we spotted a small jewel in our little corner of San Francisco International Airport, an exhibit entitled: “From Ship to Shore.”  Since the exhibit is located on the wrong side of security, I guess only travelers see it, but we enjoyed it.  And since I’ve been waiting for hours for the Weekly Photo Challenge to be posted (to no avail, so far), I find the waiting aspect of this post particularly apropos!!

Sailors were at sea for many weeks or months, providing time at least occasionally to wile away, so they expressed any artistic bend by decorating the everyday objects that they used or made, thus transforming them into anything but ordinary.  Wood, rope, bone, shell…all were used to create beauty, sometimes for daily use, sometimes to take home to family.  Some men eventually sold their crafts when they were onshore or might even be hired for specific commissions.

Here are some of the works of art on display.  Unfortunately, the venue isn’t conducive to being able to find a spot without reflections, so you’ll have to enjoy them as is.  If you’d like to see more examples from this display, you may click here:  And for how to dress at the seaside, visit “People, Places and Bling”, (more…)