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Hérival Priory is now an artists’ colony, in a beautiful clearing in the forests of the Vosges.  Examples of their art are scattered around the complex. The monks would be surprised.  Or perhaps not.  After all, as Ecclesiastes 1:9 says, there’s nothing new under the (French) sun.

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Sittin’ and thinkin’



“Flipping” through my online photo files, I found this shot that, although I like it, both in the original and in this edit, had me a bit flummoxed as to what it was.  The next shot showed that it was a photo of the lid to a small pot, glass with a handle on top.  Obviously something happened with the light, but I like the minimalist abstraction of it and it’s a perfect oddball.

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As I mentioned in a previous post, while in Arizona, my parents and I visited two tent art shows, each featuring 100 or more artists, many working on their current projects at the show.  I shared a  perennial favorite from the Celebration of Fine Arts: Montana Blue Heron’s stunning weavings. When we went to Arizona’s Fine Art Expo, I discovered a new love: Kinkade Gourds from Cody, Wyoming.

Heather and I swapped “cool things to do in Cody” stories (and of course, Yellowstone National Park is not far away, before I got down to the serious business of admiring her amazing creations.  Can you believe these are gourds?.  Even in the last shot, a gourd is used as the model for the cast glass and I love her use of natural items, such as feathers and turquoise. You really need to go to Heather’s site to fully appreciate the scope of her work: woven leather covered gourds and lariat topped gourds embellished with antlers and other natural materials, botanical gourds, and more. Although these with the Indian/Southwest look obviously caught my eye, she does much more than just these styles.

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Dream weavers

Posted: February 11, 2017 in Art
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Each January when I visit Arizona, my parents and I enjoy going to the two tent shows that run for several months in the Scottsdale area. Each of the hundred or so artists have to be at their exhibit area for the duration of the shows, quite a commitment in both time and expense, as most of the artists aren’t from the area.  Whenever possible, the artists are at work, which is also interesting.

At The Celebration of Fine Art, one of the first displays you come to if you go clockwise, is that of Montana Blue Heron, weavers extraordinaire!  Every year, I (metaphorically) drool at the colors and shapes that this husband and wife team create.  I asked Marilyn about working together.  She said they gather willow and dogwood, she does the dying, and starts each project.  But then she tends to look towards the next thing, while her husband works on the middle of the piece, which she then finishes.  You can read more about the process in the “About Us” section of their website.  However it works, the results are stunning!

Marilyn was nice enough to say I was welcome to take photos, so I can share three of my favorites from this year’s show. If you enjoy there work, there’s a contact form on the site and I’m sure they’d love to hear from you.  If you do comment, please tell them you saw it here.

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Some days you just need to close your eyes, feel the sun on your face, and relax.
Saturday is an excellent day for all of these.
Enjoy the day.

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It’s the final week of 2015 and as it’s also a fourth Monday, that means it’s time at Sally’s for Challenger’s Choice.  My choice is street art from the subway in Philadelphia.  It’s not what we usually think of as street art–art done directly on a building or other place.  But someone created this ad, so it is art, subway art in this case  At any rate, just enjoy.

If you like to take photos with a non-traditional camera, such as a phone or an iPad, we’d love to have you join in.  Or we welcome you to just take a look at what everyone else is doing. Sally also has links each week to photography sites, so pop over for a look.

I hope your 2015 was wonderful, but either way, I pray you have a 2016 filled with blessings and thanks so much for spending time on my blog.  I always appreciate you and your comments.

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Duplos and Legos are some of the best toys ever made…for children and adults.  When our girls were little, we had a friend, a lovely Turkish woman, who came over once a week.  She and I would have tea and chocolate when the girls took their naps, but when they were up, she often joined them in creating Duplo/Lego masterpieces.  (And were we sad when they finally gave up napping!!)

Morton Arboretum, a jewel in the Chicago suburbs, currently features “Nature Connects®: Art with LEGO® bricks by Sean Kenney.”

464,770 LEGO® bricks + 4,170 hours of creativity =
13 larger-than-life displays inspired by nature!
A Chicago-area exclusive: July 17 through November 1.

Recently, we wandered the section of the gardens where the various creations were presented.  Here’s a sample of what we saw.

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