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As many of you know from my posts of last year’s trip to France, Plombières-les-Bains was one our favorite discoveries, a beautiful city reminiscent of Italy, tucked away in the forests of the Vosges, with thermal baths that were enjoyed already in Roman times. We have yet to try them, as mid-summer temperatures don’t really make them sound appealing.

We made a number of trips there again this year and one day, we set out from there for another brave, daring adventure, following inviting roads until we saw a sign for the hermitage of Hérival.  The road grew narrower and narrower (and if you know French back roads, that meant quite narrow).  We began to wonder whether the signs had lied, but finally we saw what looked like the priory.

© janet m. webb

What was I thinking, cutting off the top of that cross??