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One of the things I always do when visiting in Illinois is to walk in the park I enjoyed regularly when living there. As ti was early November, most plants weren’t at their best yet I managed to find color in a variety of place:

in the dawn sky,

in the sun hitting the trees and the leaves that remained,

in some vivid leaves still hanging on…literally,

in the still-leafy bushes,

and in the fallen leaves along a back trail.

Jo’s Monday Walk…sometime

Let’s take a last look at the wonderful autumn colors at Anderson Japanese Garden. The building here is the tea house but unfortunately, it wasn’t open and I’m not sure it really serves tea. I’m sure the restaurant does, though. But beauty was served up plentifully.

What’s your favorite, red or yellow? I can’t really decide so this photo caters to my indecision.

A bit more red.

And there was even some green.

We’re nearing the end of our visit here but we’re not quite done yet, even though lunch was looming ever larger in our minds. I still have a few pictures to share before we move on. In the meantime, enjoy the upcoming weekend!

It may be winter and almost 2022 but fall has finally arrived in our part of Arizona. 🙂

And from another tree.

Life in Colour: kaleidoscope

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I’m so glad I live in a world where there are Octobers.
– L.M. Montgomery

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