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For yesterday’s Photo Challenge, I revisited Basel, Switzerland.  While waiting for our flight the next day, we were blessed to meet Claudia, a fellow blogger who lives in Basel and was happy to show us around her lovely city for an afternoon.  My favorite part was wandering the streets of the non-tourist areas, seeing the very old, but well-kept buildings and, of course, doors, although this was well before I joined Thursday Doors. Oh, all the doors I missed!  🙂  I’ve featured some of the Basel doors here before, but here are a few more for your enjoyment.


There were so many beautiful doors in Basel.  We walked and walked, through wide streets and narrow streets, past doors that led to homes and those that led to businesses.  Basel was acknowledged as the city name in 374 AD and there are homes that date back to early in the second century.  You can see the dates right on the homes.  This photo doesn’t show the date, but it shows a sample of the beauty found in the doors to the city’s homes.

© janet m. webb 2014

Happy Christmas Eve Day!

‘Tis the time of the season for red and this door just down the block from our hotel in Basel is perfect for the season and Norm’s “Thursday doors” challenge.  I contemplated going out to get a photo of a beautifully decorated door here in Naperville, but the weather outside is frightful: windy, rainy (running the gamut from drizzle to thunderstorm and back), and grey.  So instead, I offer you this cheerful memory from last year’s visit to Basel and hope that you are getting ready to celebrate the season with family and friends.

Don’t forget that if you live in the Northern Hemisphere, the days are getting longer and if you live in the Southern, you’re enjoying summer.  🙂  I love snow for Christmas, but it’s not to be this year. I shall revel anyway!  Later today, we’ll be going out for lunch, the Christmas Eve service is at 5 pm, then we’ll head back home for appetizers, drinks, and opening whatever small things might be in our stockings.  A drive to look at Christmas lights will probably be fitted in as well.  Ahhhhhhhh.

copyright janet m. webb 2014

Not only do most people not have doors like this, not everyone has a door guardian like the one belonging to this Basel family.  Perhaps the bush in front of him used to be as large as the one on the opposite side and he’s been munching it down for lo, these many years.  Who knows?

Want to join Thursday Doors?  Click on the link, which will connect you to Norm’s site, and follow the directions.  It’s lots of fun and you’ll see all sorts of interesting, beautiful, unique, and sometimes weird, doors.

Basel doors #2 copyright janet m. webb 2014

I’ve finally remember to join Norm’s “Thursday doors” challenge.  Last year when we were in France, our flight home originated in Basel, Switzerland.  We were fortunate to meet poet, artist, and fellow blogger, Claudia Schoenfeld, who showed us around her beautiful city and, although we didn’t have as much time as we would have liked, we had a wonderful time, viewing a plethora of beautiful doors, many on homes dating back hundreds of years.  I’ll start with this one.

Basel doors copyright janet m. webb 2014

Although I didn’t get registered for it and therefore am not properly a member of WordPress’s Photography 101 class, I have a contribution for the subject today, “Glass.”  I took this photo in Basel, Switzerland this summer the day before we flew home from our vacation. I love the detail of the frame.


When we traveled to France this summer, we flew from Chicago to Basel, Switzerland.  Basel is a beautiful city located on the Rhine, with suburbs in France and Germany as well as Switzerland.  Our online friend, poetess and artist, Claudia Schoenfeld, met us in front of the beautiful Town Hall to show us her city.  We walked for miles through the fashionable downtown as well as the streets lined with beautifully-kept old buildings.  Here are just a few shots.  I’ll be leaving from Basel tomorrow, but this time I’ll only see the airport.