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Imagine my surprise when I came upon this fellow on my way out of Costco.  Is he sleeping it off or just taking a quick nap?  I’m not sure whether that was a large Bandaid or not, but I do know most things are super-sized at Costco, which means he certainly qualifies big-time for the Oddball Photo ChallengeOddball Photo Challenge.

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Please bear with me!

Posted: December 9, 2014 in Animals
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This is a traveling week for me, bringing our younger daughter home for Christmas, so I won’t have lots of online time.  Seems like a great time to share another set of photos from Omaha’s Henry Doorly Zoo.  I’m not sure what sort of bear this is; I really need to start writing this information down.  But he’s an unusual one as you’ll when you look for his ears and at his fur.  As for that last shot, I managed to catch him at just the right moment!

He was lazing about at the top of a tree, right at the level of me and my fellow gawkers, and didn’t seem interested in going much of anywhere until a keeper dropped a cantaloupe to the ground.  Faster then you can ask “Are you hungry”, he moved down with alacrity and began eating.  Priorities!

If you missed the other zoo posts, I also have for your viewing pleasure giraffes, penguins, a tiger, fish, and a young gorilla.




Riding in the mountains is not just an adventure; it’s a job.  At least it’s a job for the person riding first in line.  Because there be monsters in them thar hills and it’s your job as rider to look out for monsters.  Don’t believe there are monsters?  Just ask your horse. (more…)