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Since on Tuesday we were in the vicinity while visiting the priory of Hérival, I thought we could take quick look back at a few of the less-than-perfect doors seen even in a spa town such as Plombières-les-Bains.  Even though we wouldn’t want them on our homes, they somehow manage to have a certain air of shabby chic where they are.  As  Lumiere says in Beauty and the Beast: “After all, Miss, this is France!”

This week’s Thursday Doors, one of the most enjoyable challenges out there, is, as always, hosted by Norm.  Click here for an instant trip to Montreal and to the link that will lead you to the other entrants this week.

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Not long ago, we took a few days and went to Philadelphia again for a daughter visit.  While heading back to her apartment one afternoon through an area undergoing renovation, I spotted this duo.  They encapsulate the neighborhood perfectly.

To open the door to one of the most enjoyable challenges on the internet, walk/run/drive/crawl/dance/skip/ski (in winter)/cycle/roller skate…however you move, just get over to Norm’s blog and take part or just click on the link to view the entries.

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