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Calling all readers!

It’s been a long time since I’ve done a post featuring some of the fabulous reading spots Belcastro Agency shares on Facebook, so it’s time. 

Which of these spots is your spot?

539196_519893521401608_647069770_n Belcastro 5 (more…)

Truth be told, my thoughts turn to books  every day.  But reading is even more enjoyable if you have an amazing place in which to read!   (If you choose, you could write in any of these spots as well.)

Belcastro Agency regularly posts pictures of unusual and exotic places to read and Monday is the prefect day to pick the reading spot that’s just right for you for the rest of the week.  Or try a different one each day.  Which is your favorite? (more…)

Book-related beauty, inspiration and humor.  Had to share more of these.  Perfect for the weekend when you’ll hopefully having some reading time.  Once again, thanks, Belcastro Agency!!  Check them out on Facebook and get these daily. (more…)

From the Facebook page of Belcastro Agency, an independent literary agency, come just a few of their literary internet finds.  Enjoy! (more…)