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Day 9 of the travel photo challenge Su of Zimmerbitch asked me to participate in, no explanation needed for the photo. I’m going with the retro look today for this Yellowstone shot. Today I’m nominating Dan of NoFacilities. Dan, if you’d like to participate, please pingback or link to my post or blog. And have fun.

Designated as a national monument in 1929 and not redesignated as a national park until November 10, 1978, the Badlands has one of the more interesting park names.  Once you’ve seen it, you can understand why the Lakota Sioux Indians called it Mako Sica, which has been translated as “land bad” and as “eroded land.”  French fur trappers called it  “les mauvaises terres a traverser” or  “bad lands to traverse.”  Of course, with modern roads, albeit winding ones, the trip is much easier, one anyone who has the chance should take.  But if you’re hiking, take lots of water, wear suntan lotion and a hat, and stay on the trails.

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Yellow Mounds Overlook


When we visited Yellowstone last summer, I dreamed of what it must have been like to see a herd of bison families so large it stretched as far as the eye could see.  The families of the Indians depended on those of the bison and made use of every part of each animal killed.

Endless prairie spreads
Shaggy-haired bison content
Plains Indians’ life


If you have time, visit the Weekly Photo Challenge yourself and see the varied interpretations of “Family.”  You won’t be disappointed.  Thanks to my fellow photographers, and others, who visit this week. I’m still enjoying the beauty and warmth of Arizona and my limited internet availability and time means I won’t be able to reciprocate much.  I appreciate your visit and comments and look forward to getting back into the give-and-take next week.

After 12 1/2 hours of driving, I don’t have time for much other than my entry.  So without further ado, here’s my entry for Community.



Not long after we were surrounded by the buffalo crossing the road (Why do buffalo cross the road? Who knows and who’s brave enough to try to stop an animal as large as a Smart Car?), we came up on a herd in the meadows on either side of the road. Try to imagine the days when herds of buffalo stretched for miles on the plains. What an awesome sight that must have been, in the true sense of the word!