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For some reason, in the last week I’ve come across some bicycles in unusual places which I took that as a sign that on a day when I’m finishing packing and last pre-trip things, I should share them. (Did you realize that almost half of the letters in the word “unusual” are u’s? Did you care? But you can’t unlearn it now.)

This extremely uncomfortable looking cycle hung from the roof of the auction house we visited last weekend. Besides all the auction items (online auctions), the ceiling and walls were home to an enormous variety of interesting items and signs. You definitely wouldn’t want to tumble from this bike. It’s a long way down…and not just because it’s hanging from the ceiling!

Bathroom fashion rarely includes bicycles that appear to be escaping from one of the stalls. But why not? If this were in your home bathroom, that basket might be the perfect storage place for extra rolls of toilet paper.

This looks more like Charlie Chapin than Butch Cassidy, (and not positive Butch is the inspiration for this, but either one on the outside wall of Schmooze in Scottsdale is unexpected. And fun.

Having mentioned Schmooze, I couldn’t leave without a photo of the blogging babes who met there recently. A good time was had by all, even those of us not wearing pink. That would be me. On the left. In the blue. Next to me is Donna from Wind Kisses, Marsha of Always Write, Jodie from Jodie’s Touch of Style (you can see I need to read her blog more), and Nancy of Two Trails One Road. Happy trails to all of you until we meet again…hopefully in a month or so. BTW, our photographer was Jodie’s husband, Rob. He wasn’t wearing pink either!

No doors today. Too much to do here. Happy Thursday!

I found this lovely on one of my walks in California with our grandson in the stroller. The next beauties I found at Schmooze in Scottsdale, Arizona yesterday in another blogger meet-up, one of my favorite activities. 🙂

Left to right: (standing) Marsha (Always Write), the author, Jodie (Jodie’s Touch of Style); (seated) Donna (Wind Kisses), and Terri Webster Schrandt (Second Wind Leisure Perspectives.) Schmooze is a lovely spot to meet but the people were the attraction. (Jodie’s husband took the photo and it was fun meeting him too.)

FOTD 7.8.22

Saturday I was on the road by 6:15 am heading down to Tucson to meet another fellow blogger (and another Lisa), from ( Since we both like the outdoors and bird-watching, we met at Sweetwater Wetlands where we walked, chatted, and took photos. (The actual website is rather boring, so here’s a link to the Yelp site where you can read more about it or go to the website and scroll down for some more interesting information.)

After we were done there, my mission was to visit Seven Cups, a highly-touted tea house serving and selling only Chinese tea and tea accouterments. Unfortunately, they didn’t open until 11 am so we went with my second choice, The Scented Leaf where, for an additional cost, you can have CBD added to your tea! Yeah, that’s so not me but we did enjoy sipping our tea outside, watching people and traffic go by. After that, we made our way to Seven Cups where the seating area wasn’t open, browsed and bought tea, then had a delicious lunch next door at Tumerico, a vegan and vegetarian Latin restaurant. It was a great day.

But…on my way from a precious parking spot in downtown to The Scented Leaf, I passed the Rialto Theater which had…ta ha…doors!! Even when in somewhat of a hurry, you have to stop for doors.

This door wasn’t exactly fancy, but its redeeming feature was…

…a pretty cool mural next to it. Just FYI, no political meaning to this either way, just admiring the art.

for Thursday Doors 4.22.21

Road trip today!! I’ll be taking the most boring drive in the US from Phoenix to Southern California for a week-long visit with our older daughter and her husband. I’ll have posts each day while I’m gone and I’ll respond to comments, but the only visiting I do will be there. I’ll make up for it when I get back, I promise, and you know there will be photos of the ocean, doors, flowers, and who knows what else. 🙂 Be safe and healthy while I’m gone and do talk to me because I miss each of you if you don’t.

Just some of the interactive and dazzling fun at the WNDR Museum in Chicago. And of course for today it’s yellow. I’ll be out most of the day on an road trip, driving north to Flagstaff where I plan to meet a fellow blogger, Lisa at Micro of the Macro. In addition to meeting my first Arizona blogger in person, I’ll be getting to see snow, both of which have me excited. Will you find out more? Of course you will! But I won’t be around much today, so enjoy your day while I enjoy mine.