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Last year, my s-i-l and I discovered the enchanting town of Plombières-les-Bains (Plombières of the baths, referring to the thermal baths that have been there since Roman times.)  We’ve been there a number of times, generally just in time for lunch by some strange coincidence, usually at the same restaurant, Brasserie Montaigne.  On this day, however, it was closed, as were a number of shops.  There seems to be no set day that restaurants and stores are closed, although many are on Wednesday.  So we were on the hunt for another place to eat.

Just off of the main square, we found the Hotel du Commerce and although it seemed deserted, we inquired inside and found that the restaurant was open.  The owner, a droll man who enjoyed talking to us in French, English, and German (although not at one time), also served us. We sheltered under the umbrella to escape the heat and enjoyed our meal (food, so to speak, for another post) outside, just off the narrow street, the perfect place to get a shot for Challenger’s Choice on Sally’s blog today.

I’m sorry to report that this will be the last time Sally hosts the Mobile Photography Challenge. It’s been a wonderful time and I’ll miss it greatly!  Thanks, Sally for the many wonderful months and years!!

Just so you don’t think you’re being neglected, I’ll be busy and out of fast internet range for the next few days. Hope your week gets off to a great start.

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One of the joys of being in France is eating, especially eating out, although my b-i-l is a master with the grill and my s-i-l an excellent cook.  When Plombières-les-Bains was recommended to us, my s-i-l looked online for restaurants, which thankfully led our steps and hungry stomachs, to the Brasserie Montaigne. Although there were tables outside, on this first trip (yes, we ate there again), we opted to eat inside, just barely making it before they stopped serving lunch.


It was hot, so a beer sounded good, although their idea of a dark beer and mine were obviously not the same.  🙂  But it was refreshing.


We both chose a “small” salad, which was a delicious mix of warm and cold.  Lettuce on the bottom, tomatoes, cheese, half a hard-boiled egg, and croutons were cold or room temperature.  Potatoes, bacon, and dressing were warm and there was some cream on top (not sweet) that blended with the dressing.  The disc on top was cheese grated and then fried.  Delish!


Even though the salad was filling, we decided to give dessert a try and were we glad we did!  You can see the size of the berry tart compared to the spoon behind it.  It was light (the tart that is, not the spoon) and, like the rest of the dessert, just barely sweet.  In the foreground on the left was homemade ice cream and above that, a scoop of whipped (real) cream, again very not sweet and just right (and light.)


Once we’d paid our bill (not on this beauty), we were refreshed and ready for more exploring and photos.


Today, I’m on my way to Wyoming for an unexpectedly early week in the mountains, the date change due to some issues at work.  I’ll be on the road today (10+ hours) and Saturday (8+ hours to Sheridan, WY, then shopping for food, and another hour or so up the mountain to the cabin.)  Needless to say, my internet presence will be almost nil and although there’s internet at the cabin, it’s slow and I’ll be busy riding, hiking, and relaxing.  Don’t worry.  I’ll also be taking lots of photos and they’ll eventually show up here. I don’t imagine I’ll be having any lunches like this and on the road, I’ll be eating as quickly to get to my destination as soon as possible.  But I can’t wait.  See you soon!  In the meantime, enjoy lunch!