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For the next several weeks, my internet access will be very limited, so I thank in advance all of you who visit and comment, knowing I may not be able to reciprocate.  I appreciate you as much as I appreciated the woman in front of me at Aldi today, who had a full grocery cart and let me, with my five items, go ahead of her. Believe me, that’s a lot!

The theme for this week’s challenge is “Broken.”  We tend to think of broken as bad, but often something or someone must be broken, at least in some sense, for new life or new growth to occur.  The Sesame Street line, “Broken and beautiful” can truly be applicable, so watch for those moments.


Another week.  Daily, the unseen pull grows stronger, until the mid-week mirror lures us Narcissus-like to stare into its smooth surface for our inspiration.

No refuge.  The tentacles of creation wind  ’round us, dragging us inexorably toward the keyboard to satisfy the craving.  Sweet addiction!  Our drug of choice.

Go on; give in. Choose your word-weapon.  Wield it fearlessly.
You are a Fictioneer!

Photo copyright David Stewart


I've walked on the edge too long,
    sometimes stumbling
    sometimes content
Enduring times of sorrow,
    all sans you;
Occasionally lost
    or stopping for breath,
    but buoyed, knowing you were at the end.

Too many days it seemed as if
    I’d not arrive.
But now
    it won’t be long.

I see you in the distance.

I begin running
    Reaching out.

Almost there.
Careful not to fall.

You open your mouth.
    Your words fly out
    and push me.
I tumble into nothingness.

“Why now?” reverberates inside me.

It won’t matter if my body breaks.

My heart’s already shattered.