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When I’m doing a photo walk, I don’t walk too quickly so as not to miss anything. That paid off this day as I came around a bend and saw this young buck. We both froze, I lifted my camera and started taking shots, he came toward me, then gradually relaxed enough to even start to graze… until a cyclist came pedaling from behind him. In a few seconds he was far enough into the meadow that I couldn’t even see his antlers.

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Oh, deer!

Posted: November 6, 2017 in Animals
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Moose aren’t the only four-legged animals I saw near the cabin this summer.  There was a group of bucks hanging around together. One day I looked out the kitchen window and there they were, all five of them!  Thankfully I had my Nikon, as the phone would only focus on the screens in the window.  Besides these guys already were leery and could see me even inside.  If I’d tried to open the door, all I would have caught would have been deer hindquarters bounding away and boy, do they bound!

copyright janet m. webb

copyright janet m. webb