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Yeah, this is what I do…or what I really like to do. Get up close and personal. See small things that others might miss. Look more and more closely. So you can imagine that choosing photos for this wasn’t at all easy although it was fun. After I hit five, I stopped. But I hope you enjoy the five I chose and thanks to Anne for hostessing this week.

© janet m. webb

for One Word Sunday: inversion/invert

…if you’re this little and inside a cactus flower.

On the same walk where we saw last week’s entry, the big stone rabbit/hare, we also found these much larger than life bugs on the side of a house now being used by the park.  They’re fun to see, but they would be something out of a sci-fi movie if they were live and flying around.  I’ve always wondered at the plethora of sci-fi movies that involve insects come to earth and attempting to subdue us.  At any rate, I thought these two shots qualified as oddballs, besides being rather cute.




This photo is an example of the part luck plays in taking pictures. We were walking around the lake one evening, a photography walk, meaning Bill does martial arts exercises while I lallygag around, taking shot after shot before walking another few feet and stopping again. I was busily taking photos of milkweed plants and didn’t realize until I looked through them later that I’d caught a visitor in this one. Fortuitous, since this week’s theme is macro.  🙂

The photo was taken with my iPad 3 and then cropped.

Small bug traverses
Milkweed’s alien landscape
Camera spies him