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I had a very busy weekend, so I’m not inclined to do much walking today, so let’s just take a quick walk to a lovely butcher shop in Luxeuil-les-bains, Boucherie Giromagny. It doesn’t take many steps to get around the shop, but you’ll need to stop and take it all in anyway. Let’s get started!

I wish I could have some sort of scratch-and-sniff button for this post, but you’ll just have to imagine how wonderful it smelled. The hams hanging on the back wall are indigenous to this area. The meat here isn’t factory farm meat, but from the area and, I imagine, mostly or all organic.

© janet m. webb

We’re in France, so should we get a bottle of wine? There are all other sorts of goodies as well. Step a bit closer and look.


Many of you know I was in France for three weeks visiting my s-i-l and b-i-l. During that time, it rained almost every single day. 😦 That was not so much fun for all the walks with the dogs that we took each day, but the area was (and still is) in desperate need of rain, being about three months behind on moisture. Consequently, we (mostly) welcomed the rain.

The forest floor is covered with leaves, from any number of prior seasons. They aren’t crackling because of the rain, but they can be treacherous, so be careful when we get to the steep parts.

This is my favorite find of the day. If the water level were normal, there would be water running down that trough, which would help the little men inside do their work.