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Outside our window are a number of bushes.  The cold winds of fall-turning-to-winter have stripped all but one of them of their leaves.  That one, lone bush, a meeting place for birds, still stands fully-leafed, taller than the other bushes.  As I glanced at the bushes this morning, the wind whining around the house, I realized those bushes are the perfect metaphor for the way we choose to react to circumstances in our lives.  Some of us lose our leaves, while others stay green and useful. (more…)

Friday Fictioneers has a new home with Rochelle Wisoff-Fields and to quote Yoda, “Rochelle, thankful to have you we are.”  You can access all the stories at  Read, comment, like.  (Wait!  Isn’t that a book about blogging??)  As for me and my blog, I’m happy to have comments and criticism, provided both are couched in positive terms without no bad language.  Now, without further ado, this week’s story.  (Any mistakes courtesy of sangria and a dinner of amazing tapas…blog to follow tomorrow!)

Copyright Rochelle Wisoff-Fields


I know immediately this couple needs the corner booth, with privacy and the view.  I leave menus, bring water and contemplate what that booth has witnessed.

Make-ups and break-ups.
Kisses and kiss-offs.
Tears of unutterable joy and inexpressible sorrow.
Eyes clinging and veering away.
Loneliness and forever friendships.
Hilarity and hysterics.

The gamut of emotions.

I came here, a callow waitress, in it for the tips, waiting to move on.

I stay on as owner and full-time town psychologist; the booth, my couch.  Therapy for the cost of a meal.  I stay out of love and need.  Theirs and mine.