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During my Arizona visit, we once again spent some hours at Brian Lebel’s High Noon Auction of all things western.  Everything from authentic Indian beaded cradle boards, guns, western movie memorabilia, and spurs to famous maker saddles and more is up for sale at the right price.  You can go the day/s before and view some of what’s for sale in a small venue, which is also a lot of fun and much faster than sitting through an auction with hundreds of items!

There are free chocolate chip cookies available, one of our favorite parts, and a cash bar (not for us.)  People-watching is the order of the day as well.  You’ll see lots of turquoise, bolo ties, cowboy boots, fancy western wear, plenty mustaches, and, naturally, cowboy hats.  Here’s a little something spotted horsing aroud in the hallway, but also for sale.

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