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We’d planned to go to Saguaro National Park but circumstances conspired to lead us to choose a closer destination due to a later start. Casa Grande National Monument has been on our list since we saw the sign for it on our initial trip to Tucson the first year we were here. Although an interesting and somewhat mysterious place, it’s quite small and after we’d finished, one of those magazines that points you to local businesses and entertainment led my husband to a listing for Windmill Winery, where we spent an enjoyable afternoon. More about both those places at another time but this truck at the winery looks good for Thursday Door.

This is part of Casa Grande, fashioned from the caliche soil of this area. There’s a doorway here sans an actual door but I don’t even know that there were doors initially.

This door has nothing to do with that trip at all but I thought you’d enjoy it as much as I did. That’s it for this edition of Thursday Doors. Thanks for stopping by. Now click on the link, go to host Dan’s blog and check out some of the other doors featured there.