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These would work for the Oddball Photo Challenge, but I hit them with the monochrome stick, turning them by digital magic to entries suitable for Cee’s Black and White Photo Challenge theme of “Signs.”  Enjoy them and your Friday as well and I’ll see you later today for the Weekly Photo Challenge.



Yes, it’s Friday and time (eventually) for the Weekly Photo Challenge.  But as I work most of the day today and won’t get into the challenge until late afternoon/early evening, I decided I just had to have a post to tide me and you over until then.  (Do you like the way I assume you’re waiting with bated breath for my daily post?)  🙂  I just finished the 5-Day Black and White Photo Challenge, so I’m in the monochrome groove right now, plus a photo came to mind as soon as I saw the theme of “Wheels.” Turns, so to speak, out that the photo I chose is a different one, but I hope you enjoy it anyway.  🙂  It’s a memory of our time in France during Le Tour de France last July and all the decorations we saw.