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For my birthday, we visited the Phoenix Botanical Gardens, a marvelous slice of desert life, past and present. The last time I visited was in 2014 when Dale Chihuly set up a marvelous installation. My sister-in-law and I arrived in the late afternoon, walked all the paths, then revisit after dark when everything was illuminated. It was magical! (And I did blog about it if you want to search.)

This day was just an “ordinary” day if there is such a thing there: a scheduled appointment, masks, and a somewhat limited crowd (although there were more than enough visitors for me.) When you arrive this is the first thing you see, the only leftover from the Chihuly exhibit.

Before setting out, let’s take a look at some of the inhabitants. Pollinators are some of my favorites.

Camouflage is even more of an asset when there are less places to hide.

There weren’t any butterflies around but I look forward to seeing some during our next visit.

I’m always happy to see bees.

Hopefully I’ve whet your appetite to see more of the visit. But for now, happy Monday.

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Debbie’s One Word Sunday Challenge this week is “Glass” in any of its manifestations or interpretations (or any other single word you like).  Glass immediately brings Chihuly and his amazing glass creations to mind.  I’ve been fortunate enough to see his work in a number of places, but none in such abundance as his installation at the Phoenix Desert Botanical Gardens a few years ago.  My s-i-l and I did the rounds during the day, then again as it got dark, when the glass was illuminated.  Both were magical.

© janet m. webb 2014

What a great time to have a theme of “Vibrant!”  In the northern hemisphere, we’re yearning for color, while our friends and family in the southern have color to share.  I’m going back to an earlier trip to Arizona, when I was fortunate enough to see an installation of Dale Chihuly’s work at the Phoenix Desert Botanical Gardens.  There was a surfeit of vibrant colors and I’m going to share more than one, as I can never decide which I like the most.

I’m in my last several days of this year’s trip to Arizona, with only about an hour of internet per day, so please excuse my absence this week on your blogs.  I’ll do better next week when I’m back in the winter of the midwest.

© janet m. webb 2014

© janet m. webb 2014

© janet m. webb 2014

The Desert Botanical Garden in Phoenix is a marvelous place.  Last year, it played host to the marvelous glass creations of Dale Chihuly and there’s still one installation at the entrance.  But on its own, it’s home to a vast variety of cacti, flowers, and animals, such as this ground squirrel, beauties in their own, if very different, right.

Ground squirrels,as their name implies, live mostly on the ground.  However, as we discovered while at the garden, they also climb trees!  This little guy, however, was in his proper place on the ground, posing rather brazenly for this shot.  It’s not much of a stretch to convert him to black and white, as he and the ground around him were all tan.  Ground squirrels are related to marmots, groundhogs, chipmunks, and prairie dogs and are known for being able to stand on their hind legs for long stretches at a time.  They’re also gregarious, which may explain this one’s lack of fear. Maybe he only wanted to say hello.


For views of Chihuly’s marvelous work as displayed at the Garden, click on any of these links:

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Hard to believe it’s already Friday once again, but this Friday is a special one–it’s the last Friday (at least for a week or so), that the temperatures will scream “Winter!!!”  Starting tomorrow (Saturday), spring will arrive, trailing her mid-40’s or higher (Fahrenheit, of course) days and nights with double digits adorning them.  She will be so very welcome.  Even if winter makes a sally or two here and there, I’m happy knowing spring will ultimately prevail.

This week’s challenge falls right into the anticipation of spring and its glorious colors:  “Orange you glad it’s photo challenge time?”  A sunset sprang to mind immediately, but I thought I’d try to go somewhere different.  Here’s where I went and I hope you enjoy the journey with me.

OK, Cee’s Fun Foto Challenge this week is really Smooth Objects, but my post is Chihuly-smooth.  I’ve posted about Chihuly’s installation at the Phoenix Desert Botanical Garden before, but these are new photos of smooth glass in vibrant colors.  They’re not just smooth, they’re soothing. 

So just imagine you’re there and can run your hands along these beauties and you’ll feel both “smooth” and soothed.

photo 1(38)

photo 2(38)

photo 4(24)

photo 3(32)

Weather allowing, at about 8 am CST this morning, we’ll be in the air on our way to Miami and, from there, to San José , Costa Rica. We’ll be staying near Manuel Antonio in the rain forest area, a completely new place and experience for me. I hope to have lots of photos to share. In the meantime, enjoy some more spectacular Chihuly from Desert Botanical Garden in Phoenix and understand that I may not be able to reply to comments for some time. But please do comment. I enjoy hearing from you.


20140208-163230.jpg (more…)

My object for this week’s challenge is a Chihuly bowl.


I was privileged to see Dale Chihuly’s work this weekend at the Desert Botanical Gardens. To put together a post using my phone that would even begin to do justice to his installation is impossible. However, I’ll give you a few photos to pique your interest in this amazing artist’s glasswork.