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Some days are rougher than others and although I’m generally upbeat, last night things caught up with me.  It started when I accidentally knocked over the quart can (about 2/3 full) of wood stain and inadvertently stained not only a section of floor I wasn’t ready to stain, but parts of the TV table and DVD cases as well and some drops managed to get around or under all that onto the newly-painted walls.  It’s the sort of night when I realize that not only is my husband on his own six hours away, but I’m on my own, too.  Then this morning, I read I shouldn’t slide anything across refinished floors until they’re thoroughly dry–three to four months!!  Since my time frame is more like three to four days at most, how do I safely get the furniture back into its original location when there are pieces I can’t lift by myself?  (One possible answer is to get our realtor to help when he stops over to look at the house tonight–and I did.)

Enough whining.  You get the idea.  Into the midst of my pity party, the following video arrived and made me feel a lot better (as did a phone call from a friend).  This is the sort of thing I love to hear about sports and the people in them, juxtaposed against scandals of various sorts that grab the headlines.  Please take just a minute and watch.  This seven-year-old boy struggling against brain cancer is a huge fan of the Nebraska Cornhuskers (as am I–full disclosure) and here’s what the Huskers did for him during their intra-squad game.  It will give you goosebumps and possibly bring tears to your eyes.

It also put my “problems” in perspective.  Maybe it will yours, too.