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I walk through books all the time, but this book walk is different.  First, let’s make a stop at the coffee shop in Standard Market, an upscale grocery store/restaurant only a few blocks from our house, to pick up a coffee drink.  Being a tea drinker, full-on coffee can give me the shakes so today’s tipple is a decaf iced mocha.  What would you like?  I’m buying.

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All aboard for downtown Naperville, where each summer there’s a theme that participating businesses use to advertise and prettify the city.  Last summer it was books.  Look who’s also coming downtown!  There could be trouble in our future.  🙂

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Our younger daughter and I spend a few days in Edinburgh, Scotland some years back, one of the stops on a short trip to London and a few other places in England, Wales and Scotland, followed by a trip to visit one of my sisters-in-law in Provence, a few more days in London and then home. (Yes, it was lovely.) (more…)