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In the second week, the smoke cleared, allowing us the usual views with the usual clarity. Although riding is for me one of the main draws, I also love the mountains and time to relax without house chores hanging over my head. Let’s face it. When you’re at home, if you take time off, you almost always could be doing something more “worthwhile.” But when I’m at the cabin, even though there are things to do, there’s still plenty of time to sit on the porch, reading, sipping tea, thinking, a/o just relaxing and looking. “Just looking” is well worth it, as you can see.

My husband had a red metal Coleman cooler before we met that’s still going strong. You’ve heard of some men being called “babe magnets?” That cooler is a hummingbird magnet, also functioning perfectly as the perfect place to set my mug of tea (although it’s impossible to grab a photo when a hummingbird is 8″ from your nose, something that’s happened to me more than once! It’s quite a noisy and cool experience.

Reminder to self: don’t forget to take the Nikon with telephoto outside and set it on the cooler table because you never know what sort of animals or birds might come into view. Out here, these little guys are cute; in my garden, when I had one in the Midwest, they fell into the category of pest! It’s hilarious to see them racing around the front “yard” on these logs that serve as basic fences to keep the horses out or to see several of the small squirrels in this area chasing each other at lightning speed on the same logs while chittering loudly.

Late every afternoon the horses are taken out to pasture to spend the night and if it’s Thursday, their day off, the entire day. But at some point they’re let out in and around the cabins. Eventually they tend to drift toward the area in front of our cabin. It can also be disconcerting during the night to wake to horse noise right on the other side of your cabin wall!




Part of the reason it’s difficult to see these guys (or girls–who knows?), is that I had to take the pictures from a bit away from the window so as not to frighten them off.  One day the dogwood featured in the first two pictures was alive with birds but maybe because my iPad is larger than a camera, every time I got close to the window and had to move it even slightly for a better picture, the birds flew off.  The only picture I got was the second one.  As for the first, I’m constantly amazed where I see these little devils  critters.  I’d really prefer never to see them in my yard, but that doesn’t appear to be an option.


“If that mocking bird don’t sing…”

This mocking bird does sing!  You might be forgiven for thinking this is a cardinal, but you’d be wrong.  This is a mockingbird, masquerading as a cardinal.  (more…)