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The first thing to do is ride.  That, at least, is my theory, and today it worked perfectly.  I’ve loved horses my entire life and to have virtually unlimited places to ride without being near “civilization” is one of the primary joys of vacation in the Big Horns.  During the winter, the saddles and bridles are stored in the cabin, so the first order of business is to get them out, loaded into the van and driven to the corral to deposit in the tack room, “tack” being the term the equipment used for riding.

I have no idea how many hours or days I’ve spent just hanging around at the corral, watching the horses interact, or talking with people.  Horses are very much like teens.  They have cliques, bullies and bullied, like to sleep and prefer to be doing nothing but eating.  But to be on one, on a trail surrounded by nature, on the lookout for deer, moose or other wildlife and to feel free is a glorious feeling.  Today we went out at just the right time, getting back as the rain began to fall.  Which left us with a variety of pleasant post-lunch choices:  nap, read, sit on the porch listening to the rain on the porch roof, work a puzzle, think about meals (NO!!) or something else.  Normally hiking or, in the case of Bill, biking, would be one the agenda but it’s raining.  Since my internet connection is working well now, my choice (after reading for a bit on the porch listening to the rain) is to get my post done and scheduled. Then it’s back to a), b), c), d), or all of the above).  No wrong answers on this test.

Taking it easy in the corral...


View from horseback…


More views from the saddle, views of which I never tire…



Aha!  I’ve done it and with only one loss of internet connection.  I’ll schedule this quickly and then back to my regular program of reading, alternating with watching wildlife/flowers/scenery and drinking tea.  See you again tomorrow.

Claire–lovely picture, excellent work.  Rochelle–the usual.  Friday Fictioneers–a joy and a privilege.   Read more–click on the cutie at the end.  Your mission, should you choose to accept it– enjoy!  It’s not impossible.

Just FYI, Thursday is a traveling day for me, so if you stop by and read and I don’t return the favor right away, don’t worry.  I will.  I read every story (unless it’s posted on Sunday or Monday and I’ve stopped checking), so I will look forward to reading yours with great anticipation.  And thanks for taking the time to read and comment on mine.  It’s always greatly appreciated.



It was the book’s fault really—accidentally dropped by her, fortuitously retrieved by him—sparking talk, the discovery of shared tastes.  Days later, a chance encounter at the coffee shop spawned laughter, the joy of shared thoughts, a frisson of attraction, the ease of friendship.

The coffee shop became their haven, a much-anticipated break from the everyday, always as if two halves were joined, the missing puzzle piece slotted into place.

Each time, replete, they went their separate ways, home to loved and loving families, anticipating the next completion. It could never be more, but it would never be less.

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