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Guest hostess Sofia’s theme this week is “Looking Up/Down.” Let’s look up and down in two different cities, starting by looking up in Chicago (and no, it’s not a photo of the Bean this week, although I was seriously tempted because it’s so photogenic!)

A bit further in the walk near the art museum, look down. What a contrast to what you see when looking up! Chicago and its metropolitan area do a wonderful job of providing green spaces even in the heart of the city and there are a plethora of parks, especially in DuPage county where we lived. (Isn’t “plethora” a great word?”

In Philadelphia, we can calmly look up and down in the same photo…and see the same thing, just in reverse.

That’s it for today. For all of you in the U.S., happy Labor Day. I hope you have some wonderful plans. For the est of you, I hope the same. 🙂

for One Word Sunday: urban

© janet m. webb

for One Word Sunday, courtesy of the Bean, Chicago

We drive into Gary, Indiana at dusk on a cold, grey winter day, the lack of color a perfect fit for the post-apocalyptic desolation that surrounds us.  Empty buildings with broken windows or yawning holes in the walls.  Gaping, empty lots filled with trash and the winter carcasses of plants.  No pristine snow to lend an ephemeral impression of beauty.  The few stores crouching behind their metal barricade of gates.  I expect Mad Max at any moment, searching for gas or revenge. (more…)