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Colmar, France has been Colmar, France, Germany, France again, Germany once more, and now, finally, France yet again. It was even held for two years by the Swedish army during the Thirty Years War.  I’d seen Colmar on lists of places to see in Europe and on my last full day, we drove east, almost to Germany to see whether the lists were right.

It didn’t look promising at first, the navi guiding us through suburbs into what began to look like an industrial area.  Deciding to ignore Ms. Navi, we followed signs toward the downtown.  When we began to see tourists (other than ourselves), we parked on a quiet residential street a few blocks away.  All around us were large, beautiful Art Deco-style homes. After we finished gawking and exclaiming, we walked to the colorful half-timbered houses and businesses that make up  Colmar’s historic district, bisected by canals of the River Lauch, forming “Little Venice” and plied by long, narrow boats filled with sightseers.

Where there are historic, beautiful buildings, there mus,t of course, be doors.  Here are three of the many I stopped and stopped and stopped to photograph.

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Colmar, one of France’s most picturesque cities, is an historic town filled with colorful, half-timbered houses resembling old-time London if someone had run amok there with pastels.  But Colmar also boasts Little Venice, a bit of river just widen enough for narrow boats filled with passengers to ply their ways, while those of us on the banks and bridges instead ply our cameras.