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Friday Fictioneers.
Look at a photo.
Craft 100 words to tell the story that inspires you.
Share it with others and share your thoughts on their stories.
Repeat weekly.
Learn.  Enjoy. Hone your craft.

Wednesday’s a travel day again, a day that will transport me from balmy mid-70’s to single digits or below, but also a day that takes me home to my husband, a trade well-worth it!  So be patient with me.  I’ll be reading and commenting as soon as possible.  In the meantime, enjoy.

copyright Björn Rudbergs

copyright Björn Rudberg

For Want…

Years spent in marriage-building
	Careful construction
	Stone upon stone
Time spent together in
	Love and laughter
	Work and play
	Shared interests and activities
	Busy-ness and leisure
	Sickness and health

Rain waters.
Growth occurs.
Beauty flowers.
Seasons pass.

Betrayal one hot summer night
	“It just happened once.
	 You’re all that matters.”
Roots of distrust grow slowly
	Pushing apart
	Stone by stone
	Dirt thrust aside
	Gaps open
	Structural weakness 

Rain erodes.
Walls crumble.
Only ruins.
Forever winter.

For want of a nail the shoe was lost;
The horse…
The battle…
The kingdom was lost.

All for the want of a horse-shoe nail.

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Yes, it’s Friday Fictioneers time once again. (Does it really only come around once a week?  I’m sure it’s more often than that!)  Anyway, time for more laughs, horror, surprise endings, continued stories and about anything else you can (or even can’t) imagine.  To read more stories, click on the link at the end of this post.  As for me, I appreciate your comments, analysis, and criticism.  Now, without further ado…

(Thursday addendum:  Maybe I’m being a bit too subtle here.  Would “A Not-So-Grimm Tale” and bold-facing the first letters of all the names help?  I didn’t want to be to overt, but perhaps I erred in the opposite direction.  At any rate, thanks for reading!)

A Not-So-Grim Tale

“But, Grandma, it’s so small!

“True, but Paola, Isobel, and Graham were all little and they loved it.  It felt like a fairy tale house to them.  Once it flooded.  We lost a few things, but because the house is built on rock and made of stones, it’s rock-solid.  It endured.”

“Rock-solid.  That’s a joke, Grandma.”

“Yes, but later wasn’t such a joke. Friends told us we needed something bigger. We chose to stay.  But when West Orange Loan & Financial gobbled up so many grand houses, we still had ours.  We were  rock-solid because we’d made the right choices.