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As a Christian, I want to take care of the earth I believe God made, but I admit that all the ideas, suggestions and downright orders  get overwhelming, tiring and annoying.  Seems like every day there’s a new idea or a contradiction to a previous “sure” thing.  I can’t put a windmill in my backyard and I’m not going to get rid of my Toyota Sienna mini-van for a small car that takes less gas but won’t carry anything worth talking about and will never make back in gas savings what the car cost (since my van’s paid off.)  So what do I do?  Here are some small things I do that are easy to and make at least a small difference.  Multiply them, or other small things like them, by every person and the difference becomes meaningful. (more…)

It’s still cold but sunny and that, as they say, makes all the difference.  After opening the vent in the guest bedroom (or rather, removing the box my husband uses to block it while the room’s closed up) and making the bed, I opened the curtains to let the sun in.  In true environmental fashion, I later closed them and opened the ones in the living room, where delicious sunshine and heat are now pouring in on me as I sit in the recliner (upright) typing.  Lovely!!  I’d love to just sip my tea and read the day away, but I will have to do something else useful at some point.  I hasten to add that I have done useful things already today, lest you think I’m just having fun.

I just started reading Folks, this ain’t normal, by Joel Salatin, “The High Priest of the Pasture” according to the New York Times and I’m entranced…while also being appalled at how little I know about some of the everyday things of life, even though they’re not everyday  things in the city.  I want to have a huge garden next year and plants in pots and to chop more wood (and bring our stove to our next house) and….well, you get the idea.  And I’ve only just started the second chapter!   What will I be once I’m done?  I especially like that he’s not a liberal environmentalist maniac but neither does he fit many of the right wing Christian stereotypes.  He’s Christian, they homeschooled their children, they love the earth, etc. and so far, he makes a lot of sense.  As Dennis Prager says, why wouldn’t conservatives be concerned about the earth, air and so on?  They have to use them, too.