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As writers and photographers, we bloggers have both concerns about copyrights and use of the material we put on our blogs and a responsibility to honor what others put on their blogs or how we use information and pictures on our blogs.

When I first began editing our church newsletter, I thought that all clip art was free, but I began to realize that wasn’t true. After that, I tried to be very careful to only use art that was free or in the public domain, although it wasn’t always easy to be sure. Once I started blogging, I always tried to get permission to use pictures that aren’t my own on my blog, too. One of the concerns I’ve had is that others might start using my photos as their own or without attribution and permission. I’m not sure if using someone’s photo or writing with attribution but without permission is really right, either. What do you think?

This post covers a number of ideas and the comment section is rich in thought-provoking material as well. Thanks, Z, for letting me reblog this (my first reblog). I hope that all of you who read it will feel free to leave comments on either or both of our blogs and take to heart the ideas found here. So without further ado, I shall hit “Reblog Post” and turn it over to you, my friends in the blogging world. Please do let me know what you think. Have you found your thoughts or photo places where you didn’t know they existed? If so, what did you do? Do you mind? If you use material from others, how do you deal with it?


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This past weekend some friends and I were discussing how some people use images from Pinterest, Facebook and Google Images.  I shared a copyright infringement story with them, and told how shocked I have been recently to find so many of my images ‘shared’ on Pinterest.  But I should be honored, right? Flattered that an award-winning photograph had been ‘pinned’ without my permission and uploaded, and basically been given to the world wide web to be used however they’d like!  I think that that person who pinned the above image agreed before adding the image that they owned or had permission to share it.

This past week WordPress put their spotlight on reblogging and also on Using Other People’s Images.   Both posts received a lot of interesting feedback, including a link to  DON’T STEAL MY STUFF, DUDE  – Laura at ‘Lolabees’ states her clear case and…

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 I’ve been thinking about copyrights lately.