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I’d planned to make dark chocolate cherry scones, but that didn’t work out. (I’m also trying to find more whole wheat pastry flour but have had no success so far. Maybe people are making toilet paper from it.). But I had some Trader Joe’s croissants in the freezer, so last night I pulled out one chocolate (AKA pain au chocolat) and one almond for my husband. Just let them sit all night and bake in the morning. Easy peasey and quite tasty, too.

The mug, filled with Mao Feng black tea, was a gift from my parents a few Christmases ago. Not as fancy as some of my teacups, but much used. I’d be happy to get you a fancier, more delicate cup of you like.

Happy teatime!

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We’ve taken a number of Monday walks in the towns of the Franche-Comté, but much of my time is spent in the country, either walking or driving through it, so I invite you to come with me today to the country.

Most mornings we take the dogs out for a walk, but we have to be careful, as September is hunting season.  We head out early, careful to only go where there are no parked vehicles.  If we hear dogs baying, we head back or away from the sound.

This morning it’s foggy.

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We walk through the forest to a secret place where my s-i-l has discovered a trove of holly.  She’ll come back to gather some for Christmas.  The red berries are bright and cheerful in the grey morning.