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This weekend, we ended Daylight Savings time.  Of course, the total number of light hours didn’t change, but they were certainly redistributed!  Now we have sunset at 4:46 pm, much earlier than I’d like.  Winter would be much more fun if there were more light hours in the day.  There’s something about cold AND dark that makes me feel much colder than the same temperature with light.

I’m usually taking my walk in the early morning hours, greeting “the dawn’s early light.”  Today I was enjoying the unseasonably warm weather in mid-afternoon.   The light is very different then.  But it still has the ability to lift my spirits even as it creates an entirely different look in nature.

A Facebook photo group I’m in is featuring light this week.  So I’m going to pull a few of my photos featuring light to share, hoping that they light your week while bringing pleasure to your soul.

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