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If you like to write, but have a hard time thinking of a subject, consider joining Friday Fictioneers. In the wee hours of Wednesday, (it used to be on Friday, hence the name), Rochelle, our despotic leader who holds all power, posts a photo prompt.  Thinking caps are donned all over the known world (and possibly elsewhere) and 100-word stories are churned out.  The resulting stories, of all genres, are posted on Rochelle’s  website,, and the fun commences.  Stories may be submitted until the following Tuesday night, when brain cells must be rested for the next day’s prompt.

You have the option of writing a/o reading, although if you write, you are encouraged to read at least some of the other stories. If you just want to read, that’s fine, too.  You’ll find the link to all the current stories at the end of my post or on Rochelle’s site.  We welcome newcomers, whether writers or readers, as well as “the regulars”, so please join us this week.




Hell of a lot of time to think on this job.  To remember.

This morning I realized her smell was gone, her flowery scent that had lingered so long.  I’d taken her clothes to the thrift store after she left, sold the house, didn’t respond to phone calls.    Everyone felt sorry for me, speculated about why she’d left.  I couldn’t bear it.

Finding her with someone else in my own house, in my own bed, had been too much.  Now I wondered where they’d gone, if the bodies would ever surface, if I were safe.

Lots of time to think.