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Six-Word Saturday 9.3.22

We’ve all had a rough year, so let’s sit down at a table in France to enjoy this delicious yet light dessert which just happens to have bright pink sauce and fits beautifully into a square. It may look small, but don’t be fooled. It’s a magical dessert that will be just enough for everyone.

for Squares: bright and Life in Colour: pink

Let’s face it.

Posted: June 1, 2015 in Nature
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After a wonderful week in Arizona, I’m back in Illinois, going from a high of 106 to one of 53.  That takes a bit of adjustment!  This means I’m back on the internet and will be able to see what all of you are posting, something I missed even while enjoying my time mostly offline.

Although it’s hard to believe, it’s June already and as it’s also the first Monday, the theme for Sally’s challenge this week is “Nature,” something I saw a lot of while in Arizona, nature much different from that in Illinois.  Although very different, both are beautiful.  Each morning I went out for a walk, taking my camera, and although I didn’t get very far in distance, I took lots of photos and had a great time.  Of course, cacti are the main plants and several of the them appear to have faces, as you can see from this photo.  Is this cactus eating or trying to get the bird out of its mouth?  I’m not sure, but either way, it’s a photo filled with fun.

P.S.  Just realized that I took this with my Nikon, not my phone.  I was going back and forth so much on this trip that late last night I forgot which photos were taken with which cameras.  I’m taking it out of Sally’s challenge and letting it stand on it’s own while I replace it in the challenge with a camera photo.  🙂


I know, the Weekly Photo Challenge will be coming today, but I have these delicious photos to share with you first,
calorie-free to you, as this is the virtual world of food.

Here’s something we had a few night’s ago: cool grapes, crunchy yellow carrots from the farmers market, elk sausage to die for, Baby Buche from Mackenzie Creamery ( on wheat crackers, soft, sweet dates, and crunchy almonds.


Yesterday, on the way back from a doctor’s appointment (one confirming that Bill is as of now, cancer-free), we stopped at a farmers market we’d spotted on the drive in. We bought a few things but the biggest score was the half-price, plump, gorgeous blackberries.
Since the market was almost over, the berries were on sale and we bought two pints. We used them as a topping later.



When you have food, you need something to drink and today at the thrift store (at 75% off), I found just the right vehicles for my tea, Wedgewood on the left and Helichrysum on the right (both English bone china.) Oddly enough, a china cup makes an enormous difference.


Feel free to stop by. There are plenty of blackberries left and I have lots of tea choices.


Today we had a bit of mother-daughter time, starting at Mitsuwa Marketplace, where we ate at the food court before doing some shopping.  Megan had a Gabbuto burger of sliced BBQ pork between two rice patties serving as a bun.

photo(329) (more…)

Pooh always liked a little something at eleven o’clock in the morningWinnie the  Pooh, by A.A. Milne.