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The Phoneology Challenge comes around each Monday, with a different but repeating theme.  (BTW, Sally, thanks for getting the post up early.  I’m so impatient to get my post done each day!)  On the first Monday of each month, the theme is “nature.”   I take quite a few nature photos, so it can be difficult to choose.  But as we wait for our worldly goods to arrive on Wednesday at our rental house, the idea of a new beginning, leading to unknown places, was on my mind, making two photos perfect for the challenge.

On our way back from Wyoming in August, we made a stop at Devil’s Tower, a volcanic extrusion in Wyoming near the South Dakota border. As we walked around the base, this view called to me and I took the shot with my trusty iPad. No editing took place, but I did compose a haiku to go with the photo.

Verdant grass beckons
Hobbit-like I run swiftly
Through unknown forests


This is a similar photo taken in Cape May, New Jersey last Thanksgiving.  On the other side is the ocean, but the inviting path and round hole at the other end made me think of hobbits as well.