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This challenge is a bit like “Where in the World is Carmen Sandiego”, although my repertoire of locations is much more limited! This is Day 7 of posting ten travel photos without explanation and then nominating someone else to do the same. (I was nominated by Su from Zimmerbitch.) Today I nominate Aletta of nowathome, coming to you all the way from South Africa. If you participate, please link back to this post. Now let’s travel!

A natural monument found in eastern Wyoming is Devil’s Tower.  Legend has it that one or more Indian girls were pursued by a giant bear (or bears) and prayed to the Great Spirit for deliverance.  The Great Spirit made the rock rise up and as the bears tried to reach them, their claw marks made the deep gouges on the side of the tower.

Today’s women and men are more like to be climbing up one of the claw marks!

photo 3(35)

Waiting for the weekly photo challenge is getting longer and longer so, in the meantime, this travel challenge showed up. “Height” is the theme and here are my three choices, all from nature.  The first is from our recent visit to Muir Woods just outside San Francisco, the iconic redwoods.  The second is Devil’s Tower, Wyoming, an “an igneous intrusion or laccolith in the Black Hills near Hulett and Sundance in Crook County, northeastern Wyoming, above the Belle Fourche River.”  I would include a link but since the government is shut down, it appears the websites are shut down too. About that I’ll say nothing.  The third is outside Yellowstone National Park, also in Wyoming, on our way to Cody, Wyoming.  Enjoy a bit of the grandeur and height of nature!