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Saint-Valbert is one of the those little towns where you wonder what everyone does for a living and where they go when not at home or at church.  There are no businesses, just the Marie or city hall building, but I did find some photo-worthy doors to bring back in my suitcase (well, since the photos were on my phone, in my purse) to share with all of you.  The sun managed to keep me from getting the best shot of the second door, but much as I tried, I couldn’t get it to move!  Maybe it didn’t speak English. I like that each door has both another door and a little window as well as an arch.doors with arches

Our north-of-the-border door host, Norm, is finally back from his blogging break.  Welcome back, Norm.  I hope you’re rested and refreshed.  Thanks to Dan, Joey, and Manja for keeping the door open while Norm was gone.  You were great ambassa-doors.

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