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I think flowers and/or plants almost always enhance and I believe these examples from my recent (was that really only a week and a half ago??) trip to southern California prove my point. What do you think?

Thursday Doors 11.18.21

I’m back from another enjoyable week in southern California with daughter, son-in-law, and grandson-in-progress. 🙂 Wandering around Redondo Beach, I found a few doors to share today and they even fit with Jude’s Life in Colour theme this month: black/grey. I once again managed to visit during a week cool, mostly grey (totally unrelated to the challenge), weather, color courtesy of clouds and/or fog. Ah, well, it’s a nice change from sunshine all the time, isn’t it? Hmmmm. We can’t decide whether I bring the weather or they ask for it to discourage my visits. 🙂 I did manage to indulge in some amazing mochas and French pastries, so that may have made up for the weather. But the company was what I went for and that was as wonderful as ever. Now without further ado, on to the doors.

For all veterans in the U.S., happy Veteran’s Day and thank you for your service, past or present! ❤

Today I have for you three random southern California doors, each with its own distinct attraction: the first texture, the second color and pizazz, the final some metalwork to delight Dan as well as other door aficionados. So without further ado, let’s go on our doorway, make some doorstops, and enjoy the doorpost because it’s hard to beat good old outdoorsmanship, especially when the sun’s out!

Our doorman-in-chief is rarely doormant with the exception of a few weeks here and there. Dan, thanks for being such a good ambassadoor for doors around the world! I’d say we adoor you, but I don’t want to overdo it. 🙂 Besides, The Edidoor might not appreciate it.

Thursday Doors 10.27.21

While out for a walk in Redondo Beach, we came upon this lovely sight sporting a gate, two doors (one very hidden on the house), and a gorgeous garden. The husband of the couple who owns it was outside working and turned out to be someone our daughter and son-in-law knew. The couple had lived in this house for many years and had obviously put in a lot of work. But what a magical place!

Thursday Doors 10.21.21

We had several lovely days for walking while I was in California, one of which was once again along The Strand in Manhattan Beach, AKA where to walk to ogle (not Google) very, very large, fancy homes but of course also look for doors and gates.

for Thursday Doors 10.14.21

Thanks to “Highlander” for the title, although in this case perhaps “I only need one” might be better. Either way, can’t better this door shot, even if it’s not the door that’s so doggone cute.

for Thursday Doors 10.7.21

Boyce Thompson Arboretum is a place that many people recommended when we first moved here and we finally visited with my brother and sister-in-law earlier this year, getting there very early to avoid the heat or at least the worst of it. It turned out to be half price day, making it even better. Although it was recommended as a place to find birds, we didn’t see many but had a great time anyway. Thankfully the wildfire that threatened it later in the year stopped just at the top of the ridge. It would have been a terrible loss.

It seemed an unlikely place to look for doors, but I found some anyway. 🙂

All I can find out about the house is that it was built in 1915 and was home to a family of 5 who sold produce to local miners. But if you’d like to take a walk to the house while seeing what a tiny slice of the arboretum is like, click here.

Thursday, the horses’ day off, is the day we creep down the mountain to encounter civilization once again. We drop off our recycling and garbage (no garbage pickup on the mountain!!), stop at Toyota to see if someone can pair my new older iPhone with my 2014 Toyota Sienna (the answer is, after man tries, no), then are off to Andi’s Coffee Shop for perhaps the best dark chocolate mocha I’ve had anywhere, a similarly good iced green tea for my husband, and free internet before other errands. As we walk around Sheridan’s main street, I spy a few doors to share for this week’s Thursday doors.

Back on the mountain, this distinguished older gentleman would love it if one of us would open this gate for him. Unfortunately, he’s meant to stay where he is.

Followers of Thursday Doors know that there are many types of doors and beauty of some sort found in many if not all of them. I’m starting my smorgasbord (or smorgas-door?) with an entry in the “shabby chic” category from Raton, New Mexico. Smorgasbord in the non-meal sense means a varied collection, which this one is. Enjoy.

We move from small town to urban, although you might think “urban” applies only to cities much larger than Billings, Montana, but the doors (two of them, mind you) on this utility box can hold their own with any on offer in bigger cities.

Finally here’s a door spotted as we left our motel in Billings, heading for Costco and after that, back to Wyoming and up to the cabin. I like seeing Indian motorcycles or ads for them as my dad had one when much younger. I’d planned to blur the license plate but Pixlr didn’t cooperate, so I had to “paint” it out. Perhaps whoever owns this is on the way back from the yearly motorcycle gathering in Sturgis, South Dakota.

Today I offer you two sets of two blue doors from Philadelphia (with the red, white, and blue hiding behind the TREE.) Red, white, and blue is seen in the second shot as well on a classic car in a Fourth of July parade. Hats off to our veterans!

Blue color is everlastingly appointed by the deity to be a source of delight. ~John Ruskin