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I suppose these could be called “double doors”, but I like “twos.”  It’s one of those word that when I look at it for a time, looks weird.  I found these two twos in Philadelphia, but in addition to the two sets of Tudors two doors, there are lots of twos in the photos, three photos but only of two sets of doors.  There are even twos in the addresses.   Too many twos to count?

The doorkeeper for all of us is Norm, possibly still digging himself out of winter in Montreal.  But the doors, whatever the number, are always open, so come on in.

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I promised you some more of those Louisville theater doors and here they are.  These two are double doors, allowing even more room for decorating and twice the fun.  I get a “Starry, starry night”/Vincent van Gogh feel from this first one.  It was such a pleasure to walk by these every day!

© janet m. webb

© janet m. webb

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