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Last fall on my way home from a visit to southern California, I drove through Joshua Tree National Park, There was a lot of wide open space, many unusual plants and trees, and trust me, when you get into the park and they say there’s no phone coverage, there is no phone coverage from the second you enter! My husband wanted me to send photos but it was impossible until I left the park. I quite enjoyed the relative solitude while there. As for as the trees, which are located at the north (top) end of the park, for me they could also be called Dr. Seuss trees.

Although there’s blue in the mountains and sky in the first photo, I’m going with this Louisville, Kentucky street art for my blues entry today. Sorry for saying earlier this was in Chicago. I was just going through files and realize my mistake.

I’m not sure what these are, but there were lots of them in the meadows. Is it just me or is anyone else getting a Dr. Seuss Thing One and Thing Two vibe here? I do know it’s not Covid hair!

This is a type of yucca, but I never realized they got so big! To me it looks exactly like something Dr. Seuss would have invented. In fact, I think that I saw it on Mulberry Street!

I’ve been admiring and photographing these for years, calling them Dr. Seuss flowers for their interesting shape. But their real name is wild bergamot, also bee balm or Oswego tea, the latter giving you some idea of their use. Wild bergamot isn’t actually related to bergamot, known by most people as the flavoring in Earl Grey tea. Wild bergamot was used by Indians for combating colds and flu, as an antiseptic for skin infections and minor wounds, and to treat mouth infections, bad breath, and flatulence.  Quite a bit more useful than merely gracing the world with funky-looking flowers!

Just FYI…it’s actually still Thursday, but I somehow scheduled two posts today.  Not quite the weekend yet, unfortunately, but enjoy the day anyway!

© janet m. webb

© janet m. webb

And the wind certainly doesn’t help, although I feel as if this could be a creature from a Dr. Seuss book.

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Anyone for green eggs and ham? They might be a little cold, though. But the Cat in the Hat was dressed for the weather…or something. Now if we could just find Thing One and Thing Two…