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One Word Sunday…matching

Cellpic Sunday 7.3.22

Although I love the smell of coffee, I don’t like the taste unless it’s tarted up with chocolate (dark, for preference) in a mocha or comes as a cappuccino, a drink with a venerable history. I’m a tea drinker on a daily basis, with the occasional mocha/cappuccino thrown in for variety.

But when I’m in Europe and it’s after dinner, cappuccino is my tipple, while my s-i-l chooses un café. And while on an extended walk through a lovely town, when the need for a bathroom (toilet) strikes, unless you wish to use the public toilets, which may or may not be nice, you don’t just waltz into a McDo and use the facilities.  No, it’s into a bar and order something. Of course, simply sitting and having a coffee of whatever sort, is also the perfect excuse to sit outside and people-watch.

While in Plombières-les-Bains, the need for a bathroom break prior to the drive home was a priority, so we nipped into a small corner bar, eschewing the more attractive outdoor tables to avoid a smoker.  When my cappuccino arrived and the server had left, my s-i-l and I exchanged one of those glances where you widen your eyes while making a small, disbelieving face.  This topping, complete with sprinkles,  reminded me more of something I might get on top of a sundae at the county fair or Dairy Queen!!  To say I sipped cautiously was to understate, but the coffee wasn’t bitter and the whole thing worked wonderfully.  If it looks overly sweet, remember that whipped cream isn’t sweetened the way it is here and that cute, wrapped sugar cube was still there when we left.

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