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I’m feeling a bit peckish and as my thoughts turn to food, I thought I’d share some more photos from the farmers market in California. The zucchini blossoms were also being sold separately in a few stalls and although I’ve never made them this way, they’re very tasty stuffed with (usually) cheese of some sort and herbs a/o other things. They’re a feast for the eye as well.

We’ve already established that I love artichokes, thanks to a mom who grew up in California. These aren’t looking their best for eating but still work for photos. Look for a heavy artichoke with tight leaves that aren’t all split. My daughter did buy some (chosen by yours truly), her husband grilled the halves, and we enjoyed them greatly. Yes, you definitely need to eat the bottom (attached part) of the leaves, Deborah. On a good artichoke, they’re very meaty. Dip in melted butter, mayonnaise (plain or with herbs), or just eat plain as my husband and I usually do.

You say tomato, I say tomahto. Tomato, tomahto, who cares? Just get some and dig in!! My favorite cherry tomatoes are Sun Gold which my husband says taste like candy…but are good for you. Win, win.

Yesterday (Sunday) a glitch in the WP matrix caused the Lens-Artists Photo Challenge entry for “Doors/doorways” I posted to post on Saturday, rather than on Sunday. I republished it, but evidently many of you didn’t get it. It features some wonderful doors, so if you didn’t see it and would like to, click here for the link. I must admit it’s frustrating to put out a post I think many readers will enjoy and then have something like this happen.

Where did the weekend go? Well, in my case, today (Sunday) was spent with grandson and family, walking in the morning and hanging out on the beach in the afternoon, not online much. Saturday morning we were once again at the farmers’ market and I didn’t push the stroller this time so that I could take some more photos. Here’s the first, colorful round. I could gorge on these berries!!

A pile of edible flowers grabs my attention. This stall sells bags of wild arugula and several salad mixes, one of which includes some of these flowers. I can’t buy any until Tuesday, the day before I go home, so that they’re as fresh as possible, but they served as food for the eyes during our visit.

I’d be happy to eat these peppers just raw and remember that colorful fruits and veggies are so good for you, pleasing both eyes and body.

Don’t expect to see much of me online tomorrow (Monday) as I have sole care of my grandson while my daughter goes in for a job interview and my son-in-law works. 🙂 I foresee lots of walks in my immediate future as well as lots of love and cuddles.

Finally, a reminder to check your spam folder. Tonight I found 43 spams after several days of none. No legitimate comments, so I deleted them all.

In my role as official stroller pusher for grandson, I didn’t take time to get many photos, but these artichokes had to be photographed. I love artichokes but I’ve never seen any like this! I’d almost hate to eat these. Perhaps putting them in a vase would be more appropriate. 🙂

We were much later than usual, so some things had started selling out but there were still enough to make me quite hungry.

These flowers are a bit more unusual than many I’ve seen. If I could, I’d love to always have fresh flowers in the house.

Closing thought…Every time I do a post about a farmer’s market, the grammar nerd in my wonders…is it “farmer’s market” (one farmer), “farmers’ market” (belonging to multiple farmers), or a “farmers market” (a market with farmers)? I’ve never bothered to look up the “correct” terminology and as far as I’m concerned none would be wrong. Any feelings or “official” thoughts?

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Monday’s haven’t been the same since Sally went traveling; good, but not the same.  Welcome back, Sally.  I hope you had a great trip and I’m sure we’ll be seeing photos of wherever you went.

The first Monday of the month means the theme is “Nature” as photographed with any non-traditional camera.  This weekend, after coming home from the farmers market, I was struck by the beauty of nature’s bounty that I’d bought, so that’s what I’m sharing today, at least a portion of it of what I brought home.  When I get home from my mini-road trip (for a baby shower for a friend and time with said friend), I can’t wait to start eating some of this!  I do love when the farmers markets are open again.

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It’s Saturday morning and I’m not at the Naperville farmer’s market.  In fact, as this posts, I’m hopefully fast asleep.  Later today, I hope to be visiting a farmer’s market in Philadelphia, but in the meantime, here are the rest of the photos I promised on Thursday.  OK, there are some non-food photos here, but they’re still part of the market.

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When we lived in Cleveland, we were blessed to have a network of fantastic farmer’s markets all around us with the flagship market being the closest.  Most Saturday mornings I rolled out of bed and hurried to get to the market by 8 am or earlier.  When I first started going, arriving at 8 meant being one of the first customers.  But as the market became better known, there were more and more people there earlier and earlier.

Not only did I shop there, but for the better part of a year, I was part of the farmer’s side of things, selling chèvre for with Rob from Mackenzie Creamery.  It was so much fun.  It also gave me an appreciation for what many customers don’t consider.  A vendor arrives quite early in order to set up by opening time.  If the vendor has lots of product, it may take an hour to get ready.  Customers often arrive early, wanting to buy even though the vendor isn’t yet set up.  Finally, if the weather is bad (cold, rain, wind, snow, or a combination), the customer may stay home or just zip through the market to buy what’s on the list.  But the vendors who brave the weather, are there often for 5 or more hours!

Naperville also has a farmer’s market, a real farmer’s market that basically has only food items.  I go most Saturday mornings and am finding my favorite vendors and products.  Here are a few photos from the most recent trip.  I came home with green beans, corn on the cob (to cook and freeze), a peck of apples, two pints of raspberries, a gigantic head of romaine lettuce, a six-pack of the most wonderful apple cider cake doughnuts, and probably some things I don’t recall now.  I’ll share a few photos today and then on Saturday, while I’m visiting a farmer’s market in Philadelphia, weather permitting, I’ll share the rest (from Naperville.)  Enjoy!

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