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Fast food

Posted: March 31, 2015 in Nature, Poetry
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Hawk’s wings beat the air
Hangs in sky one brief moment
Choosing her fast food

Glancing out the window a few days ago, I saw a squirrel who had hit the fast food jackpot.   He (she? How can you tell anyway?) grabbed a whole piece of bread that somehow ended up in our backyard, hustled over to the branch of the bush that was pushed down by the snow and began cramming the bread rapidly into his/her mouth. No time to waste!  Wish I’d thought to switch to video.  Guess I was just a little nuts.  🙂

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A serious road trip (by which I mean going from one place to another as non-stop as possible) means that your (good/healthy) food options are seriously limited. So you need to think about what to take with you. I’ve been on the road a lot recently, so I’ve given this some thought. (more…)

This recipe became a favorite in our house after our local Chinese restaurant for some inexplicable reason stopped making their cold sesame noodles, something about not being able to get the sauce, although I never really did figure out what the problem was.  But the sauce evidently never came back. Then I discovered this recipe in a mailing from Vegetarian Times and tried it, serving it the first time with trepidation for fear it wouldn’t be a suitable replacement.  Luckily, our younger daughter said she likes this better, making me a happy cook.  This makes excellent travel food as well as a dinner entrée.  You don’t have to put it in the take-out box, though. (more…)

For just over a year, I’ve been eating, while not strictly vegan, especially since honey’s considered not-vegan, at least mostly vegan. Overall, it hasn’t been that difficult, definitely not as hard as when our younger daughter was eating gluten-free. But to eat vegan or even vegetarian while on the road is very difficult unless you bring your own food. It’s even hard to eat healthily or to find any vegetables other than in a salad but vegan/vegetarian is almost impossible. Plaza eating facilities tend not to offer veggies or even much fruit, so I pack my own food, either purchased or from home.

For “fast food”, sometimes I stop in downtown Cleveland at Aladdin’s Middle East bakery for some of their amazing bean salad, steadfastly avoiding the gyro sandwiches. Subway’s veggie patty is pretty good, even cold and I have them pile on lots of veggies. Today, we had a couple of Trader Joe’s Super Spinach salads and for snacking, I like ABC Trek mix, also from TJ’s, a tasty, healthy mixture of raw almonds and dried fruit. With tea brewed before leaving and some dark chocolate, I’m all set for a healthy eating experience.