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for One Word Sunday

As much as I love exploring towns and photographing doors, I also love exploring cemeteries and French cemeteries are so interesting and different from those in the US.   During the last few visits to France, we’ve seen a chapel atop a very high hill but never explored it.  This year on one of our wanders, my s-i-l pointed the Defender up a narrow road, hoping we wouldn’t meet anyone, as there was nowhere to pull over.  Someone would have had to back up quite a distance, not an exciting proposition on a narrow, curving road with a drop-off on one side.  Trust me on this.  We’ve had to do it before!!

When we reached the top, unscathed, we discovered the Chapelle Saint-Martin de Faucogney-et-la-Mer surrounded by an extensive cemetery whose residents ranged from dates in the 1800’s to the present.  The hilltop location ensured both the ability to spot danger and to defend against it if necessary.  That day, there were only the two of us, but the view was to certainly to die for.

© janet m. webb

© janet m. webb