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“Feathers fall; soft as a song, light as morning dreams.”
― Eirene Evripidou

We think of feathers as soft and lovely but during WWI in England, women gave white feathers to men not in uniform in an attempt to shame them into enlisting, using white feathers to signify cowardice. Other less negative meanings have included peace, pacifism, and courage. To me, this feather was a small, beautiful sighting as I went for a walk, another chance to be amazed at the way errant feathers cling to plants.

for Six Word Saturday 9.5.20

Birds of a feather

Posted: December 12, 2013 in Nature, Photos, Poetry
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As I mentioned in an earlier post, the lilac bushes in front of our house, now denuded of their fragrant flowers, and a few unidentified bushes, serve as Starbucks for the winter birds that hang about our house, chattering madly in the mornings. No laptop, tablets, or Smartphones here. They give their considerable attention to one another…and to flying off or hopping to a distant branch when I venture too close to the window in my search for a picture.  They make the most of their size, puffing up their feathers to keep warm in the frigid air.  And some look remarkably like the ornament on our nature Christmas tree.

Birds ruffle feathers
Balanced on leafless branches
Fur coats against cold

20131211-200934.jpg (more…)